The guidelines serves as approach within a landed house where the interior configuration will be designed based on combination of the approve height of the house, distance from the road and common plot boundaries. With the new guidelines, the maximum overall height for a two-storey landed house will be 12 meters, revised from the current 14.1 meters. As for a three-storey landed house, the new height shall be 15.5 meters, revised from the current 17.7 meters. The good news is that home owners will now be able to vary the floor-to-ceiling height in their home,
where the existing rule enforces a height restriction for each floor. In additional,  an extra room can also be set up in a mezzanine level for other storeys in the house for those who want flexibility and creativity in interior design.

Revision of the guidelines also affects the topmost floor, or the attic as it is limited to 3.5 meters in height. A 45 degree line also has to be defined from the front and rear of the building facade. Flexibility is also given to attic to be designed without a sloping roof, which is currently a requirement. To facilitate more ventilation and light to the basement space, it will now be allowed to protrude above ground beyond the current one-meter limit.

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