Work has started at the Canberra station which is to be completed by 2019. The station will be located between Yishun and Sembawang stations along Canberra Link stretch. Canberra station will benefit the nearby estates Sembawang Springs and the increasing construction of public and private residential developments in that cluster

Work as also started are at Napier, Orchard Boulevard, Orchard, Great World, Havelock and Outram Park; the 6 Thomson-East Coast Line stations, targeted to completed by 2021. Thomson East Coast Line stretches across 43km with a total of 31 new stations and 7 interchange stations.  Phase 1 of Thomson- East Coast Line will be ready in 2019.

On 27 April 2015, 5 MRT stations at Shenton Way, Maxwell, Marina South, Marina Bay and Gardens along Thomson- East Coast Line has started construction. These will be the last 5 stations as works for the Phase 1 with 17 stations along Thomson- East Coast Line has already started since 2014.

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