parc botannia sales mode

Sales of Parc Botannia will start next weekend on 11 November. Interested parties will submit their preparation of purchase form and cheques when Parc Botannia Showflat is opened on 28 October for public viewing. There will be no actual sales taking place as cheques submission is the gateway to balloting which will take place on 11 November.

Yes, to make it fair and square for future owners and residents of Parc Botannia, preview sales of Parc Botannia will be by balloting. To assure and pacify the phobia for interested parties, you will not be issuing blank cheques. Cheques will be issued to developer’s project account number and you have the flexibility to sign or not to sign the cheques that you submitted. Cheques will be placed with the developer for safe keeping till the balloting date. Moreover, submission of your cheque does not guarantee you a confirmed unit in this development.

Luck elements play a part in balloting and if you are the first person to be called on the actual day, then you are free to choose any units you desired. After choosing the unit, this will constitute an actual sales of Parc Botannia as the actual purchase documents such as Option to Purchase etc will be signed immediately as an assurance of your purchase. However, if Parc Botannia price turns out otherwise before you sign the purchase document, then you are fee to abort the purchase and walk out of Parc Botannia showflat without any penalty.

Even before the actual sales take place, Parc Botannia price is already made known by both developers; Wee Hur Holdings & Sing Holdings to the public so that buyers can have a rough guide of their affordability and also apply for mortgage from the banks.

There will be an early bird discount, VVIP preview sales discount etc that phase 1 buyers of Parc Botannia will entitle and enjoy.

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