There is a lot of number crunching that is involved in every real estate investment a person makes. There are equations and formulas to keep you occupied for quite a while. But one of the most important figures is the profit. After all, what matters the most is how much you earn right? What’s the biggest determinant of your profit when buying a condo at the Sims Urban Oasis? It’s the Sims Urban Oasis price of course.

luxury condo investment

The difference between the amount of money you receive on the same of your condo and the amount of money you purchased it for will be your profit. Don’t forget to include any money that you spent on the place for fixtures or fittings too. This should all be covered for before you start counting your profits. Taxes are something which you are going to have to account for somewhere while calculating profits as well. After all, taxes can’t really be considered as profit now can it?

The figure you should be most interested in as an investor is the net profit. This is the estimated amount of money that you are going to make when everything is said and done. It is nothing more than an estimate of course since most of the figures are variable and there are countless things on which they depend.

But with a condo property such as this one, there is very little chance of you going wrong. The project is still in its development stage which means you can get in at the lowest possible price. This will only result in huge profits in the long run. And with property prices set to rise significantly in the next few years, if you were looking at making an investment into real estate, there is no time quite like right now.

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