The 2 towers are organized to capitalize on expansive panoramic views and to minimize overlooking, creating added privacy amidst high-rise living. Towering 40 storeys, 44% of the units with external views are oriented towards the West Coast Sea. Hence, the residents will enjoy the scenic view of the West Coast Sea. With the Tower to tower distances of 43m with 70% of the units facing landscape or water, feature, residents will enjoy the spacious clusters of spaces dedicated for beautiful landscaping. The Clement Canopy also incorporates carefully curated amenities and captivating landscape design which capitalised on the terrain, the lush and extensive landscape which extends over three levels.
The layouts have the added element of flexibility, enabling diversity in function and can be customized to suit the varied needs of buyers. Some of the 2 bedroom units are designed with “dumb-bell” concept which allows possibility for rental which is ideal for investment. Our 3 bedroom with Guest room unit type offers additional room for any usage and the larger units comes with an additional yard which offers extra spaces to suit family needs.
On the overall, all the units in the development are designed with functionality and livability in mind, maximizing space efficiency without compromising comfort (common bedrooms are able to fit a queen sized bed).

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